Could this be one of the answers to oil price plummeting

The RedHC approach offers the O&G industries a whole new, closely related investment opportunity in a complementary industry which supports their core business whilst at the same time using a smaller quantity of their hydrocarbon reserves and totally eliminating CO2 emissions over the next 50-100 years”


One thought on “Could this be one of the answers to oil price plummeting”

  1. Rex,
    I am an American. To get your ideas off dead center is quite easy. The emitters of CO2 must want to clean up their own mess. Now if they consider it at all, they consider their CO2 emissions as a liability. There for they a not worried in the least about dumping into the atmosphere.
    With our technology we can put a value of ~760 dollars per ton on CO2. (gross value) We would offer the emitter $2/ton
    for clean CO2 delivered to our plant, usually co-located on, or very near their property.
    Take a coal fired electric plant for an example. It has 2- 680 MW generators = 1,360 mWh X .91 t CO2/mW hour =1,237.6 tons per hour X $2/ton = $2,475.20/hour X 24 h/d
    = $59,404/day for the power companies CO2 emissions.

    This will get their attention! Do I have yours??

    Warm regards,
    Alan Schaefer

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