What if the government set a deadline on non CCS power?

What if the government were to set a decree today that all power generation must be 100% zero CO2 by 2045 (30 years from now).

Running carbon capture on a coal plant (capturing 100% of the CO2) adds (let’s say) 30% to the cost of generating electricity.

That means that electricity costs will rise 1% a year over the next 30 years.

Surely that’s politically achievable?

And by doing this, the entire carbon problem can be solved.

With decarbonised electricity we can go on to have decarbonised transport, heating and cooling; and decarbonise much of industry. We’ll have a problem with aviation (until hydrogen planes) but can probably remove 90% of CO2 emissions. Even long distance driving (beyond the range of electric cars) will be possible with fuel cell vehicles powered by hydrogen.

If all our vehicles were electric powered (or powered using hydrogen, also generated from coal + CCS power stations by gasifying coal), then we’d need more coal or gas power stations in 2045 than we have now. But that’s OK though isn’t it, if they all have carbon capture?


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