What happens when all the power plants have CCS on them – how will you make red petrol then?

To answer this question you have to look at the basic pathways which are interesting although outside the scope of this project.

If we want to decarbonise 100% – we can achieve say 17% of that with carbon capture (in that 17% of carbon emissions are from electricity consumption).

What we do beyond that is well known – heating homes and running cars with electricity (which can be generated carbon free in many ways) rather than gas or gasoline – and running planes, ships and cars on hydrogen power – and also reducing consumption.

The zero emission scenario is actually quite easy to imagine – and achievable today, if people were willing to pay for it!

The difficulty is getting from here to there – finding ways to move society to more zero carbon and doing it gradually so that people can absorb the price rises slowly. Also doing it in a way which can be driven by politicians without politicians looking to their voters like they are increasing the cost of their driving. This is what this project addresses.

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